Top Quality Plastic Pallet Manufacturers

What are Plastic Pallets?

Plastic Pallets are rigid platforms that allow mechanical stability to products in transportation and storage. Plastic pallets or plastic skids are alternative structures of metal and wooden pallets. These Pallets handle the bulk quantity of a product by pallet jacks, forklifts, front loaders, etc. Plastic pallets provide the facility of mobility to shipping docks, companies, warehouses, and factories for different varieties of goods.

Here are some advantage plastic pallets provide to their consumers.

  • Plastic pallets are recyclable, durable, and lightweight.
  • Plastic pallets have low odor, anti-contamination, and corrosion resistance.
  • Due to their moisture resistance, these pallets are inhospitable to microbial growth.
  • Unlike wooden pallets, they have a long service life.

Let’s dig deep into the article to learn everything about plastic pallets and their quality manufacturers.

Selection Criteria: How to choose Plastic Pallet Manufacturer

No matter for which purpose you want plastic pallets, you can use this selection criterion that helps you to find top-quality pallet manufacturers or suppliers.

Here are some factors that help you in your mission

 Material of Pallets

Generally, pallets are made of two types: Polypropylene (PP) and high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Some manufacturers use a blend of PP, HDPE, and other advanced composite materials. You need to select your manufacturer as per your desired material.

Customize able solution Capabilities

These pallets are constructed for various industrial uses, so manufacturers should consider customizable options. Top-quality pallets manufacturers design plastic pallets according to customer requirements. For instance, Favos recyclable packaging solution has been specializing in customized able, economical, and safe packaging solutions since 2016.

Eco-friendly Products

Plastic packaging solutions always understand their responsibility towards the environment, and that’s why they must design and develop eco-friendly products. Your selected manufacturer should offer to recycle and reuse plastic programs to utilize old and damaged pallets.


Price is the main factor in choosing a plastic pallet manufacturer. It would help if you negotiated to buy pallets at the lowest price without compromising quality. Adding special requirements will affect the final price, so don’t exceed your budget. We hope you’ll find this information helpful while selecting a manufacturer.

Top 5 Quality Plastic Pallet Manufacturers


Founded in 1942, this company delivers returnable, innovative, mechanical sustainability to packaging solutions used for shipment and storage in the supply chain. It provides a wide range of pallets, including plastic pallets, pallet cages, display pallets, and wooden pallets. LOSCAM’s plastic pallets can be cleaned, chemically sterilized, and absorb contaminants and moisture. This UV-inhibiting polyethylene is specially created for pharmaceutical industries. Due to its broad market, its customizable pallets are available in Australia, Asia, and New Zealand markets. The initiative of LOSCAM is to offer quality service to every partner by paying great attention to every minor detail, including raw detail, design, utilization, manufacturing, and repair.

Rehrig Pacific

Founded in 1913, Rehrig Pacific’s engineers have never created pallets to organize materials in pallets and crates. Rather, they consider weight, density, height, inertia, gravity, friction, and efficiency of every size and type of product at every stage of the supply chain.

Rehrig pacific is one of those companies that proposed a sustainable and reusable alternative to paperboard pallets, wood, or metal. Its pallets are mostly used in the bakery, beverage, agriculture, and dairy industries. Some of its famous products that are related to storage and warehouse include; GMA-228 plastic pallets (help in automation to lessen food contaminants), dairy plastic pallets, rackable standard plastic pallets, distribution plastic pallets, CRAFTPALLET (for the storage of beer cases), and nest able plastic pallets (used in grocery distribution). Top of all, this manufacturer offers logistics and environmental services such as pallet management, pallet sales, recycling, pooling, asset exchange, and transportation at a very reasonable range.

Suzhou Hongtian Plastic Co., Ltd.

Started in 2001, it is located in Xinzhuang Industrial Park with convenient transportation and breathtaking scenery. Hongtian Plastic has eight automated production lines, 150 employees, and, more importantly, an annual production capacity of 18,000 tons. Hongtian plastic has a unique structure, and it is a large-scale company in China with high-quality production. Its plastic pallets have the properties of vibration resistance, good integrity, wear resistance, and cooking resistance. If Hongtian plastic pallets face quality problems within six years, you have the opportunity to replace two broken pallets with one pallet. This can lessen the cost of building brickwork and has customizable options.

Favos Recyclable Packaging Solution

Founded in 2016, it is a recycling company that develops practical, customizable, reasonable packaging solutions for all customers globally. Its main products include plastic crate boxes, EU containers, plastic pallets, VDA KLT, anti-static plastic containers, folding fruit and vegetable baskets, and many more in a row.

This packaging solution company comprises an expert team with decades of experience designing, packaging, sales management, and injecting molding processes. The best thing about Favos is that it can customize logos, linings, and colours for users and design new molds as per customers’ demands. Along with transportation and packaging, its products have been used in turnover fields of various areas like electronics factories, logistics, supermarkets, retail, auto parts, and agriculture. Favos is passionate about pallets as it provides a recyclable, durable, and reasonable combination to your application.
If you have any queries regarding plastic containers, boxes or pallets for your business, then you can talk to our pallets experts, that is available 24/7.

CABKA North America

In 1988, CABKA was the first company that produces and start selling nestable and lightweight plastic pallets from recycling in the international market. CABKA North America provides the best customizable solutions. They said, “we work collectively with your business to meet your unique operational needs”. It provides a variety of plastic pallets in payloads and measurements, which include antistatic pallets, and one-way pallets, used for warehousing and shipment. A global reach demands shorter delivery times. That’s why CABKA has more than 700 logisticians, engineers, tool makers, technicians, and production specialists.
These products are available in more than 80 countries depending on the customer’s needs. CABKA will make it possible in a short span regardless of your need and where you need it.

Final Verdict

Plastic pallets are super affordable, and that’s why wooden and metal pallets are out of fashion. An economical, clean and returnable packaging solution is the ideal choice for the supply chain. Moreover, you don’t need to change your pallets for moisture or cleaning issues. Instead, these pallets can thoroughly clean for next usage.
From the above section, you have an idea about quality manufacturers or want meaningful investigation for your business. In that case, you need to pair yourself with the manufacturers listed above per your requirements and budget. If you have any questions regarding our company, we are happy to have you on our online platforms.