China Plastic Pallet Manufacturer

New and Used Plastic Pallets FAVOS is dedicated to the manufacture of plastic pallets. With a large stock of over 20,000 plastic pallets ready to ship.

Which type of pallet do you want to choose? We can satisfy you. At the same time, we are close to the seaport, so we can export products to all over the world conveniently and at low cost.

Our plastic pallets come in black, blue and other shades. FAVOS plastic pallet manufacturer has more than 30 innovation patents. We accept pallet customization, and our professional team is ready to provide you with solutions.

Plastic pallets are durable, reusable platforms used for transporting, storing, and handling goods in various industries. They are made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and polypropylene (PP). And they offer advantages such as resistance to moisture, chemicals, and pests. You can easily clean plastic pallets. This makes them ideal for hygienic applications.