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4-Way Pallet vs 2-Way Pallet

4-way pallet vs 2-way pallet

Differentiating between a 4-way pallet (block pallets) and a 2-way Pallet (stringer pallets) is a hard nut to crack. One of the apparent differences between these pallet types is directly linked with forklift entry, as a forklift can access a 4-way Pallet from all sides, while a forklift can access a 2-way Pallet from its two sides.

GMA Pallet Grades: Everything You Need to Know Before Purchasing

Can you relate to it? Whenever you try to purchase new pallets, you find a long list to go through. So, how can you pick the perfect one for your business? It all comes down to understanding the various grades of pallets and what those grades mean. Read on, and you will find a comprehensive guide on GMA pallet grades in this blog post. After reading this, you won’t hesitate to buy brand-new pallets for your business.