Moving Boxes VS Plastic Bins

Choosing the right box for the storage of products is a hard nut to crack. Every time, you need to literally check the selection criteria or consult the experts as it has no fixed solution. In recent times, organizations have plenty of options from heavy steel bins to moveable cupboard storage boxes and everything between them.

According to Sarah Buckwalter, an expert organizer of Organizing Boston: “You need to consider two factors while selecting your boxes types.” The first one is the external environment and the second is the distance of your move.” When it comes to cupboard boxes vs. Plastic bins, it is difficult to choose one option without considering the pros and cons of each.

Let’s dig deep into the article to know everything about both boxes so that you find ease next time.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

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Storage Considerations

Neither all material is good nor bad, it all depends on your move. If you want to know what factors you need to consider while organizing and moving, keep reading.

The total distance of your move

It is very important to consider how far you will move with the boxes. For a smooth and short move, experts recommend cupboard boxes. As they provide all comfort at a low cost.

How long you’re going to store

If you are planning to store items for long period of time, plastic container will be enough for your usage.

Environment of Storage Area

Lastly, you should also consider the environment of the storage area. If you have a muggy or wet environment, plastic bins with lids suit you more.

Still curious about Plastic bins vs. Cupboard Boxes? Keep reading the detailed differences between both types.

Plastic Bins-widely used in recent times

From large warehouses to kitchen storage, you can find plastic everywhere. Organizers are considering the real essence of movie dialogue ‘the future is plastics’. It is commonly made of polyethylene and polypropylene. Its technology and design for lifetime usage and also maintaining its positive features for all time. It is one of the main reasons why plastic is an absolute part of the storage industry.

Let’s explore its pros and cons in detail.

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Pros of Plastic Bins

Let’s figure out its pros in detail


No one, literally no one can compete with this quality. Durability is the main reason why plastics is the number one choice of organizer in all industry. Plastic containers, bins, and totes are extremely durable. They do not crack and break easily even if you throw them away after one usage.

Plastic is designed as harder and thicker to tackle tough situations. Moreover, in most cases, plastic creates a watertight seal when closed. That’s why it is considered ideal to move sensitive situations.

Enhance Space Efficiency

There is no doubt that plastic improves space efficiency for all kinds of storage. Plastic bins and containers are available in a wide variety of styles and sizes that easily fit in every warehouse space. In most cases, plastic containers come with stackable bins with interlocking pieces. That make bins more efficient.

Easy to clean

Over the years of usage, grime and dust can cloud up storage bins and boxes. Due to the smooth wall’s fine internal texture, plastics can be easily cleaned. To clean up all the mess, sometimes a damp cloth will be enough to wipe all dirt and dust.

Aesthetic Appeal

Although there’s nothing wrong with the look of other moving boxes. However, many of you would agree that plastic bins look more pretty that their direct competitors such as cupboard boxes. Remember, if you are going to place storage boxes in the visible portion of your house, you need to think wisely about which type of containers fit in your space.

Cons of Plastic Bins

Don’t worry guys! Plastic boxes have also cons so that you prioritize your usage.

Health and Environmental Impact

Plastic creates risk factors for environmental and health issues. Generally, all plastic containers contain BPA (bisphenol A), considered harmful to health. But as written off, most plastic is 100% BPA-free. Moreover, plastic is non-biodegradable material. It means it is not absorbed or broken down in soil by natural processes and contaminates the soil. So, it pollutes the environment.

Flavors’ Absorption

When organizers use plastic bins to manage the food items, the items’ smell and taste tend to absorb into the containers. The smell of food with strong flavors persists in the boxes even after washing with specified detergent. While other storage or moving material such as cupboards don’t absorb the food flavor so better for food items.


If you are thinking to use plastic bins for a lifetime, then you need to think twice. Plastic is affected by cracking, scratching, and excessive light. If organizers try to move heavy items in plastic or store them for long period, the Plastic will start to crack or buckle with time. However, the longevity of plastic depends on the items that are stored in the containers.

Moving Box / Cupboard Boxes

Plastic bins are always compared to cupboard boxes when it comes to storing or moving products, especially food items. Cupboard boxes are semi-permanent containers specifically storage design. The word ‘Cupboard’ refers to heavy paper-like material including paperboard, and corrugated fiberboard.

storing cardboard boxes

Let’s explore what cupboard boxes contribute to the organizing industry.

Pros of Cupboard Boxes

Here are some crucial benefits of the cupboard in storing and moving items.

Highly flexible

These cupboard boxes don’t compromise on their flexibility and this property makes them unique from all other types. These boxes are highly adaptable and endlessly perform functions.

They can easily mold into any size, or shape, no matter what you like. Although plastic bins are also available in different sizes they cost more as compared to cupboard boxes. So, cupboard boxes win in this department.

Space Efficiency

It is true that plastic bins enhance space efficiency but cupboard boxes are many times thinner than plastic. The best thing is when you are done with your moving or organizing things, you can simply unfold them and slide them into the storage corner of your house.


Top of all, cupboard boxes are 100 % recyclable. It means that the usage of cupboard boxes eliminates the amount of waste in the soil. Hence, improves the environmental conditions. In the making process, most of the materials, used in these boxes, are biodegradable so it keeps the environment clean.

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Cons of Cupboard Boxes


You may argue that cupboard boxes are much time inexpensive than plastic storage. But what about durability? These boxes are less durable than their direct competitor.

You need to buy cupboard storage after one or two uses, then the price can equal out. Moreover, it is not suitable for the storage of heavy products such as tools, machinery, or glass items. Here plastic is the clear winner.

You need to strengthen your boxes

Unlike plastic, you need to strengthen your cupboard boxes with the right material and techniques. For instance: you should tape all edges and joints, add a base layer at the bottom, or many more.

The matter of fact is that it can not be done without professionals or anybody with experience. So, it requires an extra labor force and hence increases the budget.

Less Pleasing to the Eye

Last but not the least, cupboard boxes are less attractive than plastic bins. These boxes come with a rough texture and dull colors that you are forced to keep in storage areas. If you want to keep your so use stored items in front of you, you need to use plastic bins as they are more appealing and interesting.

Final verdict

All types of storage bins are used to clean and manage the workload or clean the house. Depending on the material used in the storage type, it has its usage. In the above section, it is clearly mentioned which type of material you should use while managing the items.