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Standard dimensions are important to ensure stable and safe transport and storage of goods. However, there is no uniform global standard for the standard dimensions of pallets, as different countries and regions may have their own standards and specifications. For the smooth progress of international trade, there are some common pallet sizes that are widely used across the globe.

ISO Pallet Sizes

Among the many pallet sizes, the International Organization Standardization (ISO) has approved six standard sizes for Pallets.

When you want to export goods to the international market, the ISO standardized process makes the whole process easier. And there is no point in extra delays and expenses upon arrival in a different country. This process also enables the company to calculate how many pallets are going to fit into the container for shipment.

ISO Pallet Dimensions

Dimensions W x L (mm)Dimensions W x L (inches)Wasted floor, ISO containerRegion Most Used In
1100 x 110043.30 x 43.3014%Asia
1016 x 121940 x 483.7% (20 pallets in 40 ft ISO)North America
1067 x 106742.00 x 42.0011.5%North America, Europe, Asia
800 x 120031.50 x 47.2415.2%Europe; fits many doorways
1165 x 116545.9 x 45.98.1%Australia
1000 x 120039.37 x 47.246.7%Europe, Asia, similar to 40″ x 48″

North America Standard pallet Size

North American standard pallets come in a variety of sizes. These sizes depend on the specific need of the industries. The most popular of which is 1,219 mm x 1,016 mm (48 in x 40 in). Pallets of this size are widely used in various industries in the North American region and meet the standards and needs of the region.

Dimensions W x L (inches)Dimensions W x L (mm)Industries of application
48 x 401219 x 1016Groceries
42 x 421067 x 1067Telecommunication and paints
48 x 481219 x 1219Drums
40 x 481016 x 1219Military and cement
48 x 421219 x 1067Chemicals and beverages
40 x 401016 x 1016Dairy
48 x 451219 x 1143Automotive
44 x 441118 x 1118Drums and chemicals
48 x 201219 x 508Retail
35 x 45.5889 x 1156½ ISO containers in Military
36 x 36914 x 914Beverages
48 x 361219 x 914Shingles, packaged paper and beverage

European Countries Standard Pallet Size

The standard European pallet is called Euro-pallet, EPAL Pallet or EUR pallet. The dimension size of these pallets is 1200mm×800mm (31.50”×47.24”), and it is also part of the approved list by ISO Pallet sizes.

EURO pallet typeDimension (W x L) in mmDimension (W x L) in InchesISO Pallet Alternative
EUR, EUR 1800 mm x 1200 mm31.50″ x 47.24″ISO 1 same size as EUR
EUR 21200 mm x 1000 mm47.24″ x 39.37″ISO 2
EUR 31000 mm x 1,200 mm39.37″ x 47.24″ 
 800 mm x 600 mm31.50″ x 23.62″ISO 0, half the size of EUR
 600 mm x 400 mm23.62″ x 15.75″quarter the size of EUR
 400 mm x 300 mm15.75″ x 11.81″one-eighth the size of EUR

standard pallet size&The World’s Top 10 Trading Countries

When it comes to standard pallet sizes of the world’s top 10 trading countries (USA, China, Germany, UK, Japan, France, Korea, Italy, Canada, and India), there can be some differences by region and industry.

Area/CountryDimensions WxL(mm)
European1200 x 800
Germany1180 x 1265
U.K.1200 x 1000
1000 x 1000
France1200 x 800
Italy1200 x 1000
North America1016 x 1219
U.S.A.1200 x 1000
Canada1200 x 1000
Asia1200 x 1000
China1200 x 1000(Recommend)
1100 x 1000
Japan1200 x 1000
1100 x 1100
South Korea1200 x 1000
1100 x 1100
India1200 x 1000
Australia1165 x 1165
Africa1100 x 1100

Custom Pallets Size

If you need a custom pallet, you can contact the FAVOS pallet manufacturer and inform us of your needs and requirements. Here are some common customization options:

  • Size and shape: This ensures a better match between the pallet and the cargo, improving shipping efficiency.
  • Material selection: such as high-density polyethylene (HDPE), polypropylene (PP) or polystyrene (PS), etc.
  • Color customization: This helps improve brand recognition and accuracy of shipment tracking.
  • Additional features: such as non-slip surface, stackable design, anti-static properties, anti-roll edges, etc.

If you have no special needs, you can browse our plastic pallets. If you have special logistics or storage needs, custom pallet service can provide you with a satisfactory solution. Please contact us to discuss the possibility and details of custom pallets.

9 Runners Single Face Pallet 1300*1100*145

FAVOSPLASTIC is a plastic pallet manufacturer that provides a variety of pallet wholesale services and has a dedicated team to provide customized research and development. If you have any questions, we’d be happy to answer them.