TOP 10 plastic pallet manufacturers in 2023

Supply chains are the backbone of modern global commerce, and plastic pallets are a critical part of that chain. They play a vital role in transporting, storing, and securing all kinds of goods. Whether it is auto parts, electronic equipment, food or chemical products, plastic pallets play a key role in ensuring smooth logistics.

However, to ensure the efficient functioning of the supply chain. It is crucial to choose a high-quality plastic pallet manufacturer.

FAVOS is a professional plastic pallets manufacturer. With nearly ten years of plastic pallet manufacturing experience. More than 30 innovation patents and a deep understanding of the entire plastic container industry.

Here, we list the top 10 plastic pallet manufacturers in 2023 based on our industry experience. Help you find a reliable plastic pallet manufacturer for your business.

About Shanghai Favos Packaging Tech Co., Ltd 

Established in 2016, Shanghai Favors Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the largest manufacturers of plastic pallets in China. The company’s main products are plastic pallets, plastic turnover boxes, etc.

The company has 20,000 square meters of production plants in Jiangsu and Anhui, China. Also has more than 40 advanced injection molding machines ranging from 120T to 3600T. At the same time, the FAVOS has passed ISO 9001 quality and ISO 14001 environmental management system certification.

Our company has more than 700 sets of molds and more than 250 varieties of products. At present, it has more than 30 innovative patents.

With rich experience and a serious and responsible attitude, we enjoy a good reputation all over the world.

1. LY Plastic Pallet

LY Plastic Pallet is a well-known plastic pallet manufacturing company based in China, headquartered in Linyi City, Shandong Province. The company focuses on producing high-quality plastic pallets and promises to use 100% recyclable plastic materials to make pallets.

The company has an experienced and professional team who are good at manufacturing various types of plastic pallets. In addition to standard models of pallets, LY Plastic Pallet also offers custom options to meet specific customer needs.

They provide plastic pallet sales, plastic pallet rental, plastic pallet sharing and overseas plastic pallet rental services, and have served 1,2000 customers.

In conclusion, LY Plastic Pallet is a company known for its high-quality, eco-friendly and diverse plastic pallet products. Their products are used in a wide variety of applications in logistics, transport and warehousing, and are trusted by customers for their reliability and recyclability.

LY Plac Palletsti

2. Wee Plastic Pallet

The main products of Weepallet are plastic pallets and plastic crates. And these products are all made of virgin HDPE and PP materials, strong and environmentally friendly.

They have 30 injection molding machines, 8 blow molding machines, able to meet mass production requirements.

If you’re not sure whether it meets your requirements, they offer free samples for testing.

3. Polymer Solutions International

Founded in 1997, Polymer Solutions International (PSI®) is the world’s leading supplier of reusable material handling products.

Their products are mainly divided into three series: bottle rack products, bucket rack products and material handling products. Among them, bottled water racks dominate the market.

If you need bottle holders or sanitary plastic pallets, PSI is your first choice. They also offer customization options to ensure these unique needs are met.

4. The Nelson Company

The Nelson Company is a century-old pallet company, founded in 1911. The founder is John M. Nelson, Jr.

The main products are pallets, crates and other containers. Pallets are divided into plastic pallets and wooden pallets, and second-hand pallets are also available.

Unlike other plastic pallet companies, others are focusing on low prices, but they are pursuing the greatest cost savings in matching customers.

The Nelson Company


ORBIS is a subsidiary of Menasha Corporation. However, Menasha Corporation has a history of more than 170 years. The main business is to provide high-quality material handling and packaging products and services. The main products are plastic containers, plastic pallets, bulk containers and other sustainable products.

In recent years, they have continuously acquired other packaging companies to expand their influence. In 2023, Orbis expands its presence in the European market.

6. Premier Handling Solutions

Premier Handling Solutions was established in 1977 as a manufacturer of material handling machines and tools. They provide solutions for warehouse equipment to improve overall productivity, safety and speed.

They specialize in pallet inverter pallet dispensers. Their products include new and used pallets, freezer spacers, wire containers, and more. They also offer a free consultation service to guide you in choosing the best pallet for your needs.

Premier Handling Solutions 

7. H & P Packaging, Inc.

H & P Packaging, Inc. is a wholesale distributor of industrial packaging established in 1988. Their products are very diverse, such as gloves, envelopes and pouches, shrink film and dozens of industrial packaging products.

Pallets are one of their many product categories. They have plastic pallets and recycled wood pallets, the product is very clear and you can buy according to your needs.

They stand out for their reliability, packaging expertise, and next-day delivery of products in stock. At the same time, they also provide customized packaging services to meet your individual needs.

H & P Packaging, Inc.

8. Basic Crating & Packaging

Basic Cating & Packaging, headquartered in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, USA, is an expert in the crating and packaging industry.

The company provides packaging for many types of cargo such as hazardous materials, government and military packaging, and more. They have specialized capabilities, can provide standard packaging services, and comply with legal and regulatory requirements.

They also offer custom solutions such as box and slip, basic nail-free solutions, and more. Provide the most professional service for your cargo packaging.

Basic Crating & Packaging

9. Miles Manufactured Products, Inc.

Miles Manufactured Products, Inc. is a custom plastics molder focusing on low-pressure injection molding. They feature structural foam molding and gas assist molding technologies. Plastic pallets are one of their products.

They specialize in innovations and process improvements in plastic molding, so plastic pallets are designed and manufactured to the highest specifications.

Miles Manufactured Products, Inc.

10. Plasgad

Plasgad was founded in Israel in 1982. The company is a manufacturer that solves packaging and shipping. The company now has two manufacturing sites, plus one in the US, Plasgad USA LLC.

They produce plastic containers such as plastic pallets, plastic crates and boxes, tilt bins, etc., in different shapes and sizes to meet the storage and transportation needs of industries such as agriculture, automated warehouses, and food & beverage.

Sustainability is the company’s policy and they develop pallets, folding crates and other products designed for reuse and recycling. They become market leaders in the field of RTI (Reusable Transport Items).



In summary, the top 10 Plastic Pallet manufacturers occupy a prominent position globally, offer various types and sizes of Plastic Pallets, possess high-quality products and comply with international standards.

They focus on sustainability, use recycled materials, offer recyclable products, and actively conduct research and development to improve pallet performance.

At the same time, they provide customization options to meet customers’ unique needs, competitive prices, and years of industry experience to understand the needs and trends of different industries.

Choosing the right manufacturer for your business needs requires a series of smart decisions and careful consideration. Clear business needs need to be considered first, including product specifications, quality standards, customization needs, budget constraints, and delivery times.

Through the introduction of this article, I hope it will be helpful to your choice of plastic pallet business.