How Much Do Pallets Cost?

When factories need to transport and store more and more goods, they will start to think about how to improve efficiency. They can use pallets not only for transporting goods but also for storing them. In this way, the pallet becomes an indispensable existence. Using pallets to transport goods improves transportation efficiency. And it also reduces the chance of cargo damage during transportation due to handling. In the meantime, using pallets in the warehouse also facilitates storing and removing goods.

Customers who are just planning to use pallets may need a clearer idea of the price of pallets. Then this article mainly tells readers how much it will cost to buy pallets. And what factors affect the price of pallets made of different materials.

Of course, the number of pallets you need will also affect the price of a single pallet. The larger the quantity requested, the more likely it is to reach the lowest price the supplier is willing to give. Thus, I will mention the retail price of these pallets as well as the price range of the wholesale price.

How much do wood pallets cost?

how much do wooden pallets cost?

Wooden pallets are divided into fumigation pallets and fumigation-free pallets. The solid wood pallet is the pallet that needs to be fumigated. You may need to know why solid wood pallets need to be fumigated. Worm eggs may be present in most solid wood pallets. If you don’t sterilize them, it may destroy the ecological balance of other countries when exported to other countries. The fumigation-free pallet is a plywood pallet. Generally speaking, the price of fumigated pallets is higher than that of non-fumigated pallets. Therefore, when using recycled pallets, the cost of fumigated pallets will be $1 more than the price of unfumigated pallets. The price of the recycled pallet in the table is the price of the unfumigated one.

Price Range of Wooden Pallets

Wooden Pallet TypeWooden Pallet Price
New Stringer PalletAbout $12
New Block Pallet>$25
New 48×40 pallet$11.25-$12.5
Grade A Recycled Pallet$5.80-$7.40
Grade B Recycled Pallet$4.25-$5.50

The price of new wooden pallets depends on various factors such as size, material, quality, and manufacturer. Standard-sized new wooden pallets (such as 1200 x 800 millimeters) usually range from $8 to $25, depending on the quality of the wood and the production quantity.

At the same time Block Pallet is stronger than Stringer Pallet. When everyone is new, when it is necessary to transport goods over long distances, Block Pallet can generally use 20 back and forth. But the Stringer Pallet can only use about 3 back and forth. A single shipment costs around $1.25 for the block pallet. Using the Stringer Pallet, a single shipment costs around $4. So if you have a lot of shipping, it is more cost-effective to buy a block pallet. If you use pallets to store goods, buying Stringer Pallet is more appropriate.

How much do plastic pallets cost?

how much do plastic pallets cost

New standard plastic pallets cost $10-$80. Pallets that require professional customization can cost upwards of $100. Of course, if the quantity of professional customization is large, you can get a lower price than the estimate. The number of times plastic pallets you can use is much higher than that of wooden pallets. The plastic pallet can be used back and forth about 250 times if you use it for long-distance transportation. As the number of uses increases, the transportation cost of pallets will be significantly reduced.

Price Range of Plastic Pallets

SortTypePlastic Pallet Price
New Plastic Pallets1000mm×1200mm(GMA pallet)$10-$40
Non-standard pallet$10-$80
1200mm×800mm(Euro pallet)$10-$55
Used Plastic Pallets1000mm×1200mm(GMA pallet)$5-$25
Non-standard pallet$6-$50
1200mm×800mm(Euro pallet)$7-$20
Economical Plastic PalletsStackable pallet$10-$100
Nestable pallet$20-$95
Heavy Duty Plastic PalletsRackable pallet$85-$120
Export pallet$15-$165
Custom Plastic PalletsCustom pallet>$100

The economical pallet is mainly reflected in the fact that it can be stacked when the pallet is not in use. Nestable plastic trays are more space-saving. When stacked, it can save 75% of the space. Heavy-duty pallets are suitable for carrying heavy loads. You can use Export pallets for long-distance transportation of heavy objects. And rackable pallets have a more robust carrying capacity. Suitable for collocation and application of shelf system.

How much do paper pallets cost?

Paper pallets are suitable for carrying lighter goods. Its price is divided according to its carrying capacity. The higher the carrying capacity required, the more expensive it will be. But compared to wooden pallets, their price is very low. Consider using paper pallets when the cargo you need to transport is light.

Price Range of Paper Pallets

Carrying capacityPaper Pallet Price

How much do presswood pallets cost?

Presswood pallets are lighter than wooden pallets when they are the same size. The same presswood pallet is lightweight but still very strong. It does not require nails to strengthen the pallet, which wooden pallets need. So it is safer for transportation. It is mildew resistant and easy to store. Because it is made of recycled wood, it is more environmentally friendly than wooden pallets. Fumigation is also not required for export when using presswood pallets. Presswood pallets are priced at $7 and up.

How much do metal pallets cost?

Metal trays are generally divided into four types of trays:

  1. Iron Pallet
    When the iron pallet is made into a double-sided style, it is suitable for palletizing chemical products, flour, feed, and other products.
  2. Galvanized Steel Pallet
    Cold galvanized steel pallets may rust after 1-2 years. Hot-dip galvanized steel pallets will not rust after 8-10 years.
  3. Aluminum Pallet
    The aluminum tray is so light that a girl can easily lift it. At the same time, because of its anti-static function, it is generally used in the electronics industry. Its bearing capacity is lower than iron and galvanized steel pallets. The carrying capacity is around 440 lbs.
  4. Stainless Steel Pallet
    Stainless steel pallets are the most expensive pallets in these categories. It is generally used in the medicine and chemical industries.

Price Range of Metal Pallets

TypeMetal Pallet Price
Iron Pallet$45-$55
Galvanized Steel PalletAround $80
Aluminum Pallet$20-$85
Stainless Steel Pallet>=$200
how much do metal pallets cost

What factors affect the cost of pallets?

Many factors affect pallet prices. The following will explain what factors affect the cost of the pallet.

Wooden Pallets

For wooden pallets, the factors that affect their price are raw materials, size, quality, freight, whether to export and labor.

  • Raw materials
    One of the most important factors is the raw material for making the pallet. Making wooden pallets can use many different raw materials. Some wood is more expensive, which will increase the cost of pallet production.
  • Size
    Size is also a factor affecting the price of wood pallets. The size is different, the amount of material used is also additional, and the price is also different.
  • Quality
    In the same way, the better the quality, the more expensive the pallet.
  • Export
    Pallets for export need to be fumigated. Fumigation also increases pallet costs.
  • Labor
    Different regions have different labor costs, which will also lead to changes in the price of pallets.

Plastic Pallets

For plastic pallets, the factors that affect their price are color, specification, raw material, and load-bearing.

  • Color
    Some companies have requirements for the color of the pallet. Customizing a particular color will add part of the cost.
  • Specification
    Flat pallets are more expensive than grid pallets. The prices of molds applicable to pallets of different specifications, the actual production, and the number of raw materials are all different. So the price will have some impact.
  • Raw material
    The raw materials of plastic pallets are divided into new and recycled materials. There is a big difference in the cost of the two materials. The performance of new materials will be better than recycled materials in all aspects. Some pallets must be resistant to low temperatures, so the factory will add anti-cold agents during production. There are also HDPP materials used to produce pallets. These will increase the cost of the pallet.
  • Load-bearing
    The higher the load-bearing capacity of the plastic pallet, the more expensive it is. When you need to buy a large number of pallets, you must choose to watch samples or watch the product test video of the merchant.

Paper Pallets

Paper pallets are cheaper. Therefore, the price factors affecting him are different from other pallets. The influencing factors are mainly the labor force and supply and demand.

  • Labor Force
    Due to the labor shortage, the cost of training personnel to make pallets is increasing daily.
  • Supply and Demand
    Because the price of paper pallets is low, in the primary supply and demand relationship, the demand of merchants is far greater than manufacturers’ productivity. Make the supply short of order, causing the price of the paper pallet to fluctuate.

Presswood Pallets

The factors affecting the price of presswood pallets are similar to those of paper pallets. However, because the presswood pallet is compressed, its pallet is stronger than the paper pallet.

Metal Pallets

The prices that affect metal pallets are similar to those above. Metal trays are more durable, but their price is much higher than trays made of other materials. Its load-bearing capacity is also excellent. But also because its price is too high, the proportion using metal pallets is small.


After you finish reading, you will have a general idea of the cost of pallets. When you clarify your budget range and application scope, you can also determine what material to choose for the pallet. When considering using pallets to maximize their cost performance, you should ask more merchants. And see what their transportation plan for your products is. Then combine your actual needs and choose a reliable one.