How To Select Plastic Pallets?

Pallets are essential basic objects in the fields of production, transportation, storage and circulation in this century. The commodity economy is positively related to the production and consumption of pallets, and the number of pallets owned can be one of the factors to measure the modernization level of logistics and production and consumption capacity of an enterprise or even a country. Pallets in loading and unloading, storage, transport operations, with forklift equipment to bring us trade activities are not only convenient and efficient but also save us costs, so the choice of high-quality and cheap pallets can be said to be a long-term investment. This article will answer the following questions.

  • Are plastic pallets better than wooden pallets?
  • How to choose plastic pallets?

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Are plastic pallets better than wooden pallets?

The main types of pallets are plastic pallets, wooden pallets and metal pallets. The most widely used are plastic pallets and wooden pallets.
If you are still struggling to choose plastic pallets or wooden pallets, you may want to refer to the information on the plastic pallets vs. wooden pallets table.

Plastic PalletWooden pallet
Polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP)Poplar, pine, hardwood
Light and strong, saving labor costsHeavy and single
High flexibility and easier handlingLow flexibility
Good toughness, good impact resistance, anti-drop and wear resistance, no nails and spikes, better load-bearing capacity than wooden pallets for stacking goods, high safetyUnder the same test, all aspects of performance is worse than plastic pallets
High temperature resistant (PP material), low temperature resistant (PE material), corrosion resistant, acid and alkali resistant, safe and hygienic, easy to cleanNot fireproof, risk of moisture, mold, rot, insects, easy structural collapse, contaminated items, not easy to clean
RecyclableCutting down trees and damaging forest resources
Dozens of times longer life than wooden palletsLife expectancy is lower than plastic pallets
Low priceLess cost effective than plastic pallets

The above table shows that plastic pallets are superior to wooden pallets in several comparative aspects and that recyclable waste pallets can be sold to relevant plastic pallet manufacturers at 30% of the original price. From the point of view of cost, sustainable use and functional protection of goods, the best choice is to choose plastic pallets.

How to choose a plastic pallet?

The quality of the plastic pallet directly affects the state of the goods. If you choose a plastic pallet with poor quality, it is likely to cause you huge losses, so choosing a wholesaler of high-quality plastic pallets is the key! How to choose plastic pallets, we need to consider three aspects from the raw materials of the plastic pallets provided, the load-bearing capacity of the plastic pallets, and the after-sales service of the wholesaler.

The Raw Materials Of The Plastic Pallets Provided

Regarding the raw materials of plastic pallets, it is recommended to use new plastic pallets, which have stronger load-bearing capacity, higher quality and longer service life than recycled plastics.

The Load-bearing Capacity Of The Plastic Pallets

Many people think that the stronger the load-bearing capacity of plastic pallets, the better, which is correct, but you need to know that plastic pallets with stronger load-bearing capacity use more raw materials and more cumbersome processes, so you need to inform the wholesaler that it is suitable How much is the weight of your own goods, and what kind of plastic pallets are made of raw materials, and get the most suitable quotation.

The After-sales Service Of The Wholesaler

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