In 2017, a famous packaging company in India visited our company to learn about plastic pallets and pallet boxes.

In 2018, a large Egyptian pharmaceutical chain company visited our plastic  manufacturer and placed 4*40 HQ containers of plastic moving boxes order on the same day.

State-owned auto parts manufacturer in Myanmar visited us to inquire about plastic pallet boxes and sleeve boxes.

Two warehouse leasing companies in the UK and Poland came to our company to review the folding turnover boxes. High praise for our folding style and quality.

The famous American shelf manufacturer, Mr. Kenneth (the father), with her daughter, came to visit us on summer vacation. He hopes to cooperate with us in the field of turnover boxes.

Some young African importers are particularly interested in our folding crates, boxes, and baskets and hope to buy a batch to promote in the local market.

Eric from the Middle East is interested in our small storage boxes and baskets. He is a chocolate producer and will buy our plastic containers for storage turnover.

Engaged in supermarkets from Spain, two customers are interested in our turnover baskets, hoping to use them in their supermarkets.

Mase from Vietnam said it was 1st time to see such a good and sturdy folding crate box. Then a month later, he bought two containers of storage boxes and moving dollies, and they have been working together so far.

In 2019, African master students from Jiangsu University came to our company to visit and study. The technical director took a group photo with them.

A Cuban flour producer sent his purchasing representative to our company to inspect the pallets’ quality. She appreciated the high load capacity and excellent quality of our plastic pallets.

Two guys from Myanmar gave us a thumbs-up for our good-quality folding box. Then they further visited our factory and established a cooperative relationship.