Where to Find Top-Quality Plastic Crates for Your Business Needs?

In the era of technology, plastic crates are booming out as versatile storage solutions. You don’t need to rely on wooden crates anymore. If you want a reliable and long-lasting solution, look no further than plastic crates. Why? All because of their durability, ease of handling, and ability to stack and nest. But where can you find top-quality plastic crates that meet your business needs? That’s the main problem. But not anymore.

In this article, we’ll talk about some of the best places to buy plastic crates. Above that, we’ll guide you on what you should look for before buying. Are you ready? Let’s get into it.

What are some advantages of plastic crates over traditional materials?

  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Stackable and nestable, which take less space.
  • Resistant to impact, moisture, and chemicals.
  • Easy to clean and sanitize.
  • Offer good value on money compared to wood crates.
  • Protects goods from damage during transport.

What are some applications of plastic crates?

When it comes to the use cases of plastic crates, there is a long list. Most common are:

application of plastic crates

1. Agriculture

Crates are essential in the agriculture industry for the transportation of products. To protect vegetables from damage during transit, plastic crates come in handy.

Additionally, you can easily clean them. And this feature is important if you’re dealing with vegetables and food.

2. Retail

Another application of plastic crates is in retail stores. These stores use crates for storage and display of goods. Moreover, they are ideal for organizing and displaying merchandise on store shelves.

By using plastic crates, retailers can improve the efficiency of their operations. Above this, they can elevate the visual appeal of the shop for customers.

3. Logistics

The logistics industry relies heavily on plastic crates. The obvious reasons are the lightweight, sturdiness, and stacking ability of plastic crates. Where do they come more in use? To transport items such as electronics, automotive parts, and industrial machinery. That’s not all. By using crates, logistics companies can optimize supply chains and reduce shipping costs. Moreover, they can ensure the safety and protection of goods.

4. Healthcare

In the healthcare industry, plastic crates are perfect for storage and medical equipment. But what’s the main advantage? Well, these crates are clean and sanitized. And ensures that no patient there is no cross-contamination.

They are also weather-resistant and perfect in hospital and laboratory settings. Using plastic crates, healthcare facilities can improve the efficiency of their operations.

What should you consider before buying plastic crates?

Here are some important factors to consider before buying plastic crates:

what to consider before buying plastic crates

1. Durability

When purchasing plastic crates, one must consider their durability. Why? Because you can’t buy plastic crates again and again. Moreover, crates have to withstand heavy loads, impacts, and different weather conditions.

So, if your crates are durable, they will last long. Ultimately, you don’t replace them frequently. And this will save you a lot of investment.

2. Size and Capacity

The size and capacity of the plastic crates you need are also important factors to consider. Ensure that the crates’ dimensions are suitable. Plus, the weight capacity is according to your need.

And why is it crucial? If your crates are small, your products won’t fit in them. On the other hand, if they are too large, you will be wasting space and potentially money.

3. Stacking and Nesting

Plastic crates should be easy to stack and nest to save space. That’s why you look for crates with interlocking tabs or grooves for secure stacking. In return, this feature will help you to have more space for storage.

4. Ease of Handling

Plastic crates should be easy to handle and move around. For that, you should look for crates with handles or handgrips. Because it will make them easy to carry or transport with a forklift or pallet jack.

Additionally, if you frequently transport heavy products, then must do one thing. Consider getting crates with wheels to make them easier to move.

5. Material

The type of plastic a company uses is also important to consider. Polypropylene is a common material used for plastic crates. Why? Because it is long-lasting and withstands all kinds of impacts.

On the other hand, HDPE is an excellent choice for crates if you want them for colder temperatures. And HDPE is resistant to cracking in low temperatures.

Where should you buy quality plastic crates?

No doubt, there are hundreds of plastic crate manufacturers and suppliers. But what are the best ones? Which one is leading the industry? We found an answer for you. Following are some popular manufacturers and suppliers of plastic crates:

some best plastic crates manufacturers

Schoeller Allibert

Founded in 1960, Schoeller Allibert is a European-based company. They are leading manufacturers of plastic crates and containers. And why are they popular? All because of their product’s quality, durability, and versatility. Moreover, they offer a range of products to help many industries.

Schoeller Allibert stands at the top list of crate manufacturers. And the reason behind this is its extensive experience in the industry.
Schoeller Allibert’s plastic crates are a reliable and budget-friendly solution. Over this, their crates are only made from high-quality materials.

They can easily withstand heavy loads, impact, and weather conditions. Also, their crates are also nestable and stackable. Which is the ultimate space-saving feature.

Monoflo International

Monoflo International is a US-based company that started in 1965. Since then, they have been producing many products you can use for storage. The major ones include plastic crates, totes, pallets, and bins, among others.

The company’s focus is more on research and technology enhancement. And this is the secret behind their highest quality. Moreover, they also prioritize environmental sustainability in their manufacturing processes. That’s why they prefer recycled material for designing products.

The company has a customer-centric approach and always overdeliver to customers. And they achieve this by providing customized products, being very responsive, and delivering on time. They have a strong distribution network that helps them to open new doors worldwide.

Orbis Corporation

Orbis Corporation is a US-based company founded in 1996. Their specialty is containers and plastic crates for different purposes. And their main strength is long-lasting yet cost-effective products.

Orbis Corporation is also among the top names of the best plastic crate manufacturers in the US. And their focus on quality, sustainability, and customer support is commendable. Moreover, they have a good reputation for producing custom crates.

Their plastic crates are an affordable and sustainable solution for various industries. If you choose them, you’re choosing the best.

Favos Plastic

Favos Plastic is a relatively new company founded in 2016. They offer customizable packaging solutions to meet specific demands. But why is it important? Because this feature benefits businesses looking for personalized branding or unique product requirements.

Moreover, they have well-trained teams for each department. For example, a team of packaging design, sales management, and injection molding experts. Their expertise in these areas enables them to offer only quality products.

Additionally, the plastic crates offered by Favos Plastic are recyclable and durable. And this feature is attractive for businesses looking for sustainable and long-lasting solutions.

Furthermore, their crates are perfect for industries like logistics, supermarkets, retail, and agriculture. This indicates that their products are versatile and viable for various purposes.

Another advantage of Favos plastic crates is that they are reasonably priced. And that makes them a perfect fit for people who want only cost-effective solutions.

Rehrig Pacific

Rehrig Pacific Company is a leading manufacturer of plastic crates. Headquartered in the United States. They offer a range of plastic products, including crates, containers, pallets, and bins.

Rehrig Pacific Company is popular for its commitment to sustainability and innovation. Moreover, they always prefer only the best techniques and materials to create durable, reusable products.

Rehrig Pacific Company’s plastic crates are ideal for heavy-duty applications. And that’s not all. There is no limit to crate sizes and designs. And this allows customers to pick the best one for their business. Above all, their crates are also stackable and nestable. They take up less space and make them easy to transport.